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JADE FEVER Season 2 Premiere

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016


 Postmedia Network (Feb. 21) 

Byline: Bill Harris

Jade Fever Season-2 debut, back-to-back episodes

 As the snow melts, the team prepares for the long trek to the Wolverine mining camp. Hopefully it isn't infested with real wolverines, because I've been told (very recently, I think) that those things are nasty. Anyway, after a lacklustre season last year, the “jaded” investors – get it? – are hungry for results. Ain't that the truth everywhere.

Also appeared in: Toronto Sun, Winnipeg Sun, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, Ottawa Sun, London Free-Press

8 . Postmedia Network (Feb. 23)TV Tonight

Jade Fever The Bunce family confronts stakes that are higher than ever as they return for a new season of this unscripted series, with the episode Mountains to Climb. The clan has been mining in British Columbia for four generations, but things became so tight that last season they were forced to bring in Chinese investors. By the end of the season, however, they still were coming up empty-handed. (Discovery)

Also appeared in: Toronto Star,  London Free-Press, Niagara Falls Review, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Welland Tribune, St. Catharines Standard, Owen Sound Sun Times,  The Chatham Daily News, Daily Observer Pembroke, The Belleville Intelligencer, Brantford Expositor, Sudbury Star, The Sault Star

3.Vancouver Sun (Feb. 26) Town Talk: Wine flowed freely at gala

Byline: Malcolm Parry

HIGH AND LOW: Producing reality television can be akin to rolling rocks in search of something valuable. Or it can be literally that, as city-based Omnifilm Entertainment found with Jade Fever. That series has Jade City residents Claudia and Robin Bunce and others debouch from that tiny Highway 37 community into the Cassiar Mountains where 90 per cent of the world's known jade awaits. The Discovery Channel series' second season launched recently at Mahony Sons Stamps Landing pub, where green is a respected colour. Omnifilm is also developing a series about (do look) principals Spencer Seabrooke, Brent Plumley and Michael Neururer. The former set a slackline world record recently by crossing a 300-metre-deep gorge near Squamish on a saggy, oscillating rope without plunge-protecting safety equipment. "That's not as crazy as sitting in an office all day," he said at the Omnifilm wingding. Seabrook hopes to do a similar traverse between Georgia Street's Shangri-La and Trump towers. If only the latter structure's eponym would do so, too.

Also appeared in:


5. Rock On: Hope springs eternal in the face of disappointment

Star Week

Saturday, Feb. 20

Byline: Michael Korb

According to Wikipedia, Canada provides the major share of modern lapidary nephrite (that's jade). But you wouldn't necessarily know it from what we witnessed last season on "Jade Fever."

The series, which premieres its second season Tuesday, Feb. 23, on Discovery Canada, follows the Bunce family of Jade City in British Columbia. After four generations of mining, things got so tight they needed to bring in Chinese investors to keep the operation running. But the investors are less interested in scenic vistas and Canadian hospitality than they are about scoring large quantities of quality jade.

"The Chinese investors are expecting to see a payoff this year and have put in over a half million dollars into the new mining season," says executive producer David Gullason ("Ice Pilots NWF," "Stuntdawgs"). "But if the Bunces don't start finding some big jade boulders, they know the investors could abandon the project for good."

 It's that kind of drama that made last season so entertaining and leaves fans waiting to see just how bad things can get before international relations in the small town break down.

As usual, the weather tends to limit access to the mining area known as Wolverine, which is in the middle of nowhere. And even under the best of conditions, it's a strenuous journey.

"It's a brutal trip when you're moving slow, Caterpillar track vehicles up a 120 km mountain trail," says Gullason. "They try to do it when there's still a bit of snow on the ground to make it easier on the machines. But that didn't work out again this year so it took many days and many breakdowns to grind up to the mine."

And viewers get to watch every challenging moment

"There was a near fatal accident this year that left Claudia (Bunce) wondering whether the struggle to find jade is really worth it," says Gullason. "You can see the pressure wearing on everyone. At one point, Claudia says, 'I just want it to be over.' Add to that the rains that turned the site into a mud bog and the bugs. But then, even the smallest sign of jade and everyone is back in the game full-on."

After all, it is tough to resist the excitement when faced with hitting the mother lode. And jade prices continue to rise.

But regardless of whether they pull quality core samples out of the rock, viewers can always count on being entertained by Jade City's crazy characters.

"Scrappy Larry, the Jade City junk dealer, is right out of a sitcom," adds Gullason. "When he's not trying to up-sell Robin (Bunce) on a rusting chunk of aging machinery, he's got some wild plan to turn an oil tank into a spa. And he's always rescuing Josh (Bunce), who's either stuck in the mud or stranded on the mountain. Larry has some of the best one-liners on TV, all completely unscripted. He's a real character and the real deal."

Let's hope the investors find him entertaining enough to keep investing.

TV Times (Feb. 20) – Seeing Green (ADD PDF FILE)


BREAKFAST TELEVISION (Feb. 23) – Interview with Claudia, Robin, and Josh

ON DA GRIND (Feb. 23) – Interview with Claudia, Robin, and Josh

BNN (Feb. 23) – Double-ender Interview with Claudia

CANADA AM (Feb. 22) – Double-ender Interview with Claudia and Robin

CTV MORNING LIVE VANCOUVER (Feb. 22) – Interview with Claudia, Robin, and Josh

DAILY PLANET (Feb. 23) – Jade Fever segment


Playback (Feb. 9) – In brief: Industry awards, mid-season debuts, Anne bows in style

Realscreen (Feb. 5) – Renewed and returning: “Life Below Zeo,” “Jade Fever”


B.C.’s thriving Jade industry is a family affair in ‘Jade Fever’

Huffington Post Canada (Feb. 24) – B.C.’s thriving Jade industry is a family affair in ‘Jade Fever’

Byline: Claudia Bunce

Jade City is located on the Cassiar highway, which the Americans use to enter Alaska. It didn't take long for this tiny mining community to become a world famous tourist stop. My father started mining around Jade City in the 1970s and retired in 1992.

My husband Robin and I have taken ownership of the Cassiar Mountain Jade store and set up Dease Lake Jade Mining, all with the help of our family. We're the only family based mining company that we know of. There isn't a large scale in mining in the jade industry -- that is why it's still here!

We mine from May to October with our sons -- Josh, who operates heavy equipment, and Justin, who cuts the jade so we can grade the quality of it. And our grandchildren are our best marketers and have entertained the tourists in our store since they were born.

Jade can be turned into various goods including jewellery, Inukshuk puzzles, sun catchers, jade pet rocks, jade plates and bowls. The plates come in all shapes and sizes, from fish-like forms to bears and leaves. We also make head stones and urns for ashes. Anything done out of stone, marble or glass can be made out of jade, and if it can't be done -- we'll invent a way to do it!

Canada has some of the best jade in the world -- and we are proud of it. The jade mining industry is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. On average, the estimated price for top quality jade can be as high as $1,000 per kilo.

Mining jade is hard work, and it's no easy task to find the good stuff. We are four generations, happy to be making our livings in the jade mining industry -- and we have the fever alright! We didn't realize it would be so contagious, though.


For the last two years, we've been on a crazy ride making a TV show with Discovery about our even crazier lives during the mining season. It all started when Robin did a news interview about mining in northern B.C. and the reporter didn't know that jade was mined in Canada. The last thing we expected out of that was for Hollywood to come calling.

We were just about to sign a deal when we received a phone call from OMNI, a Canadian production company. They told us they were interested in creating a factual drama about jade mining and asked us to hear their ideas. We agreed to meet him and decided to work with them and go Canadian (sorry, Hollywood!).

We were excited to be part of this show, but petrified of looking like crazy hillbillies. We may be that way, but showing the rest of the world was another thing. But we went for it, and it's been a wild ride.

Half the time the crew ends up being more entertaining than we are. They are the butts of many jokes from our miners. They've lost tires on quads, and have been taken into areas that are so bumpy that one of them was ejected from the vehicle while driving!

We spent so much time working with the cameramen every day that they quickly became our second family.

Jade Fever on Discovery is a different kind of reality show, unlike anything else out there. There is no scripting in what we do. We are followed around on a daily basis, going about our own lives, and end up making a television show from it.

Frankly, we don't know what attracts people to the show. We are just a bunch of misfits living the mining dream out in the middle of nowhere and having fun doing it. And now Season 1 has been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Factual Program or Series!


We're sitting on 75 per cent of the world's nephrite jade deposits -- some of the toughest stone in the world -- and if it weren't for the local miners in B.C., there would be no local jade for sale in Canada.

Mining keeps some beautiful jade in our country for our local carvers. The impact of jade on local economy is huge. In our economy when there are hundreds of layoffs, we are doing the opposite and growing larger. We are putting more people to work mining, manufacturing the jade here in Jade City, and operating our retail store, and as a result putting food on the table for hundreds of people in our country.

Every year there's increasingly more and more foreign investors in the jade fields, which is why we have taken on Chinese partners on a couple of our jade sites. It took a long time to find the right team to work with and at first, and it was not easy doing business with the Chinese. They operate differently in their culture, but we have learned together over the past four years and have managed to do some great work together as a team.

Now, I need to get back to the dig. There's jade in them thar hills! (Feb. 23) B.C. jade mining featured in Canadian reality show

Byline: Sabrina Doyle

Jade miners inspect a chunk of nephrite jade in B.C. for Jade Fever, premiering tonight on Discovery Canada.

Yukon had its gold rush, Newfoundland its cod rush, and now a Canadian television show is honing in on British Columbia’s jade rush. The province produces around 75 per cent of the world’s nephrite jade—an extremely tough and beautiful gemstone that’s been revered for thousands of years.

Claudia Bunce has been involved in the industry ever since she was five years old, when her father moved his young family into the remote Cassiar Mountain range of Northern B.C. to Jade City, population 35.

Bunce took up the family business, helping to set up Dease Lake Jade Mining with her husband Robin. Their exploits and adventures are the subject of Jade Fever, a show whose second season is premiering on the Discovery Network at 10 p.m. ET on Feb. 23.

Nephrite has been used by aboriginal people in Canada for thousands of years, with jade artifacts discovered at Salish cultural sites near Lillooet, B.C..

The only countries that are mining large amounts of nephrite jade are Canada, China and Russia — with most of the product being exported to Asian countries — and New Zealand, where it’s a popular gemstone used for carvings and jewelry.

Mining jade is hard on the body but easier on the land than people assume, say the Bunces. The Bunces' quirky outback crew must trek equipment 120 kilometers along muddy trails, through rivers and forests to a spot where they suspect a jade deposit might be found. But when it comes to actually removing it from the land, the Bunces say the environmental impact pales when compared to that of mining gold.

Most jade runs in the top few meters from the surface, and extracting it uses very little water, says Robin Bunce.

Being environmentally responsible is important to the Bunces on both a family level and a business level. As part of that, they only mine so much a year and do everything they can to ensure the vegetation grows back.

“We’re doing it for our kids, we’re doing it because we want our kids to be safe. We don’t want them to lose these trees, this water,” says Claudia.

When the family was initially entertaining the idea of allowing the film crews into their lives, others cautioned them that the network would try to catch them out in an environmental blunder. But Claudia says that’s exactly why the spotlight is a positive thing: it encourages them to be as sustainable as possible and to be stewards within the industry.

“This isn’t a job for us," says Claudia. "This is a lifestyle.”

Vancity Buzz (Feb. 23) B.C. Family mines for riches and drama in Jade Fever

Byline: Daniel Chai

B.C. jade is in the spotlight when Discovery’s Jade Fever returns to televisions for its second season on Tuesday, February 23. The series follows the Bunce Family and their business partner Alan Qiao as they search for high-grade nephrite jade in Northern B.C.’s Cassiar Mountains.

“It’s been a great experience working with Discovery on Jade Fever. They allow us to be who we are, a family that takes care of each other,” said Claudia Bunce, one of the owners of Dease Lake Jade Mining. “We’re working hard trying to become leaders in the jade industry.”

Bunce fell in love with jade after her father, a jade miner himself, moved their family to the area now known as Jade City. She would eventually take ownership of the Cassiar Mountain Jade store and helped set up Dease Lake Jade Mining along with her husband Robin, son Josh, and Qiao.

“We’ve proved that (Jade City) is a good place for jade mining,” said Qiao, who has lived in Canada for 15 years and is the go-between for the Bunce’s and their foreign investors. “Other companies saw what we’ve done and we earned their respect.

“Jade has a huge market in China, and in the future B.C. jade could be number one.”

Season one of Jade Fever is nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Factual Program or Series. Season two promises more high-stakes drama, with new investors from Beijing, challenging landscapes, and a serious car accident impacting the search for the precious rock.

“Canadians are intrigued by Jade Fever. They want to learn about jade and how our family works together,” said Bunce. “We have an amazing group working with us, local and foreign, and we’re on the right path.”

“Season two will be a wonderful showcase of our mining,” added Qiao. “So far the market has had a really good reaction to our jade. I’m in Beijing right now promoting B.C. jade.

“I’m really happy to work with Claudia, Robin, and their hard-working son Josh. They have earned my respect.”

Season two of Jade Fever premieres on Discovery on February 23 at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET.

Crave Online (Feb. 23) Jade Fever Casts Opens Up About Season 2

Byline: Jennifer Cox

The Bunce family gets candid about newfound stardom and living with the crew.

The unscripted Canadian TV series Jade Fever follows the Bunce family and their jade mining business in northern BC. Now going into their second season, the cast of the show said they're not only proud to shed light on their industry through the series but they were also surprisingly pleased by the friendships they've formed with the crew from Discovery Canada.

The entire cast sat down for an early-morning chat about what's to come in Season 2, how they feel about the portrayal of their business on TV, and what it's like being recognized at Costco (for some of them).

CraveOnline: So what can viewers expect for Season 2 of Jade Fever?

Claudia Bunce: It shows our family and friends in the business and the industry - we have our family dynamic that is even bigger than us out there mining.

Have you found yourselves being recognized more now that you're on television?

Robin Bunce: The odd person recognizes us on the street but it's more when you go into public places, like Costco or the airport. We really did this show to promote the area and industry, and I know it’s not always comfortable for fans to come up to us, so we try to make it a great experience.

And have you gotten used to having the camera crew around?

Robin: Oh yeah. The hardest part is waking them up so they actually get up - half our day is done by the time they get up!

Joshua: That's been the best part for me - getting to know the people and everybody involved. I'm a pretty introverted person and don’t find a lot of people I like to hang out with, but one of the best parts has been the process of making the series as opposed to actually seeing ourselves on television.

Guy: No one recognizes me (rest of crew laughs).

Claudia: Fans always ask Guy to hold the camera and take the pics!

Do you feel like the show is a fair representation of your job?

Claudia: We told them they could come in and we would leave it open to them to follow us and represent us. We had to trust someone with our lives, and they get as much as you can get into 12 episodes of 22 minutes. This season there are 16 episodes. The longer we go, the more people will learn about our industry, but we’re thrilled with the crew and we’re really happy with the show.

TV, eh? (Feb. 22) Jade Fever strikes in Season 2

Byline: Greg David

Watching a series like Jade Fever—returning Tuesday to Discovery—you can’t help but ask one question: why? Why do folks like Claudia and Robin Bunce trek 120 kilometres from their home in Jade City, B.C., to hunt for jade every summer?

The ride to their camp—named Wolverine—is a mud, water and rock-filled trail heavy diggers and trucks must traverse at a snail’s pace. We’re talking a days-long expedition. Equipment breaks down, biting bugs are a constant, and mud and cold envelop all. Again, why do they do it? One word: jade. Seventy-five per cent of the world’s nephrite jade is in the area and countries like China are willing to pay big for it.

Back for Season 2 on Bell Media’s specialty network, the Bunce’s and their crew—including hot-headed son Josh—are constantly on the hunt for what they call “the million-dollar” rock; the chunk of jade that will be a windfall for the company. Unlike gold, which must be mined, jade is found near the surface, deposited by glaciers millions of years ago. Still, finding the stuff—especially the deep, green gem prized most—is a crapshoot. Unlike the rookie season debut that introduced everyone and got digging right away, Tuesday’s back-to-back instalments hop into the cabs alongside everyone and documents the slow, methodical trip to Wolverine. It takes just one kilometre into the ride for warning beeps to halt the conga line, and just a little bit more before an overheated engine stops everything.

Over in China, meanwhile, company CEO Alan Qiao meets with investors, putting the final signatures on a $500,000 budget. Those investors lost money last year and threaten to pull out if the Bunces don’t produce more jade.

Episode 2 is plagued by a faulty rock truck, but some quick-thinking—and some luck—things eventually take a turn for the better. A nail-biting crossing of the Turnagain River and some expletive-filled track bolt adjustments and the squad is, as Claudia says, “cooking with corn flakes.” Well, most of them, anyway.

A quick teaser hints at the drama to come: rolled over vehicles, injured folks being flown out via helicopter, staff stranded in the bush and endless boulders with nothing inside. Yup, it’s going to be a long season. Luckily, the payoff is worth it. (Feb. 22) Televisualist: Neil Patrick Harris Was Otherwise Occupied

Byline: Christopher Bird

Tuesday Jade Fever returns for a second season of… people who mine jade! Yep! They sure do mine them some jade. (Discovery, 10 p.m.) (Feb 22)In a city of Jade…

Byline: Steve Gow

Everyone is counting on the Bunce's.

Everyone in remote Jade City at least. The British Columbia town near the Yukon almost entirely relies on the region’s rich jade deposits and Claudia and Robin Bunce run a huge mining claim and tourist shop in the heart of BC’s Cassiar Mountains.

Not only do they imply most of Jade City’s residents, but as the documentary series Jade Fever displays, “if they strike it rich, everyone wins; if they fail, a whole town falls flat on its face.”

The reality show debuts its season two this Tuesday on Discovery and aims to show that “tensions rise in proportion with the challenging landscape, and drama is par for the course as the Bunce's try to rein in a motley crew of miners, son Josh’s rebellious streak, shrinking budgets, expectations of new investors from Beijing, and precious few jade finds.”

Looks like things are tough all over these days.

Crave Online (Feb. 18) Jade Fever Returns for Season 2 on Discover

Byline: Jennifer Cox

 Popular reality series is back on February 23rd.

Who's got Jade Fever? The popular Discovery show is back for a second season beginning February 23rd.

Jade City miners in Northern B.C. are drilling headlong through unforgiving mountainous terrain in search of jade, as the demand for the lustrous gemstone continues to skyrocket – fuelled by an insatiable demand from China. Claudia, her husband Robin Bunce, their hot-headed teenaged son Josh, along with Chinese-Canadian business partner Alan Qiao, have their hands full working two claims in Northern B.C.’s Cassiar Mountains, where their drillers are eager to find high-grade nephrite jade. The Bunce's recognize their hunt for jade is a gamble replete with challenges: deploying equipment requires a 120 km overland trek over a dirt trail, through rivers, around rocks, and over mud.

Season 2 of Jade Fever begins February 23rd with episodes airing at 10pm and 10:30pm.

Bell Media Reporter (Feb. 11) Discovery’s Jade Fever: By the Number

In advance of the upcoming Season 2 premiere of Discovery’s JADE FEVER, read on for a by-the-numbers look at the hit Canadian series.

The Bunce family is back as they work feverishly to hit the jackpot before their 100-day mining season comes to a close. Along with their colleagues and trusted partner Alan Qiao, Claudia Bunce and her family kick off Season 2 with the crew heading to the remote Wolverine jade mining claim. Their high-stakes mission: to find the highest quality of nephrite jade British Columbia has to offer.

 JADE FEVER by the Numbers:


The Bunces’ driving goal: find that $1 million boulder.


The year the Bunce family began mining jade in British Columbia.


The highest dollar amount the Bunces received for a 1 kg boulder.


The distance in kilometres the crew must travel to deploy equipment over a dirt trail, through rivers, around rocks, and over mud.


The total number of mining days in a season.


Percentage of the world’s deposits of nephrite jade coming from British Columbia.


The number of generations the Bunce family has been a part of in the jade mining industry.

Recently nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Factual Series, JADE FEVER returns February 23 for Season 2 with back-to-back episodes airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery. (Feb. 11)Omnifilm’s Jade Fever Starts Second Season on Discovery

Byline: Katja De Bock

The second season of Omnifilm Entertainment's Jade Fever is slated to air February 23rd, at 10 pm on Discovery Canada.

Jade Fever is an unscripted Canadian series following the adventures of the Bunce family mining business in Jade City, BC, as they gamble in search of million dollar boulders of jade. Jade City is one of the most visited tourist stops in that area of BC and most people don't realize our province has 75% of the world's jade deposits.

Season 1 saw the Bunces as they mine, cut, polish and sell jade. Employing most of the people in town – if they strike it rich, everyone wins; if they fail, a whole town falls flat on its face. Chinese-born Investor Alan Qiao is the go- between for the Bunce’s and their foreign investors. The season ended as the crew uncovers a bolder big enough to entice Chinese investors to fund another season.

"During its first season, Jade Fever was the #1 program among P2 and A25-54 on Canadian Entertainment Specialty in the Tuesday 8 - 9pm slot," says Series Producer David Gullason. "It continued to sit amongst the top 30 programs across all Canadian Entertainment Specialty networks, including non-Canadian hit shows. We're excited to say that we've been nominated by the CSA's for Best Factual Program/Series, for Season 1."

In Season 2, equipment breakdowns on the long march to the Wolverine mine, one of two claims in an Alpine landscape, put Claudia’s crew behind until Josh, bursting with newfound maturity, steps up. At camp, lead operator Guy finds nothing and Robin loses faith in Wolverine. But after prospecting prodigy Justin fruitlessly combs through the surrounding mine sites and Claudia’s business ventures in Jade City tank, they turn back to Wolverine. With time running out they unearth an unproven boulder that could save the season, but an early winter and a serious car accident threaten to derail everything.

The story is not scripted, emphasizes director Jereme Watt, who felt welcomed by the Bunce family, consisting of the matriarch Claudia Bunce, who helms the mining operation, her husband Robin Bunce, the mine manager, and their youngest son Joshua Bunce.

"Sometimes you’ll encounter characters that don’t want to be part of the series at all like Robin and Claudia’s son Justin," says Watt. "Here was an interesting young man who would prospect on the surrounding property and come back with the location of jade boulders buried under brush and moss."

Though Justin was initially uncomfortable about being on-camera, Watt assured him he wouldn’t ask him to do anything outside of what he would normally do, or put words in his mouth. Eventually, Justin allowed the team to document how he was searching for jade which ended up changing the entire mining strategy of the family in Season 2.

The second season (16 x 30 min) was executive produced by Series Producer David Gullason, Omnifilm Partner and Executive Producer Gabriela Schonbach and Omnifilm President Michael Chechik, with Jeffrey Kinnon as Creative Producer and Chris Bizzocchi and Al Flett as Series Editors.

In brief: Industry awards, mid-season debuts, Anne bows in style

Playback Feb. 9, 2016

Jade Fever returns to Discovery

The second season of Omnifilm Entertainment’s Jade Fever will premiere on Discovery Canada on Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 10 p.m., followed by episode two at 10:30 p.m. The season will continued to be aired in two back-to-back episode segments throughout its run. Jade Fever is up for a Canadian Screen Award in the category of Best Factual Program or Series. The series is executive produced by Gabriela Schonbach and David Gullason, who also serves as producer.

Renewed and returning: “Life Below Zero,” “Jade Fever”

Realscreen Feb. 5, 2016

Byline: Manori Ravindran

Over at Discovery Canada, Jade Fever (pictured) returns for a second season on February 23. The Omnifilm Entertainment-made series follows the Bunce family of miners living and working in Jade City, British Columbia. The show premiered in March 2015.

Also appeared in: Calgary Herald, The StarPhoenix, Windsor Star, Montreal Gazette, The Chronicle Herald


Watch for Jade Fever Season 3 Airing 2017! More exciting episodes that include all your favourite characters and a chance new meet new ones! 

As seen on: Jade Fever, the Discovery Channel

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