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What is Jade?

Jade is one of two gemstones, Nephrite or Jadeite.

Nephrite Jade, a silicate of calcium and magnesium, is found in many countries, predominantly in Western Canada. It is referred to historically as Chinese Jade, or The Stone of Heaven, revered by the Chinese for more than 5,000 years. Nephrite is prized for its special qualities — its extreme toughness, (the toughest of any natural stone), its alluring translucency and its smooth polished feel. Colors of Nephrite Jade range from pure white to all different shades of green.

All of the products from Jade City Jade Store are 100% pure Canadian Nephrite Jade. No artificial colouring or dyes are used to enhance the colour of Jade. We guarantee it.

Jadeite Jade (a silicate of sodium and aluminum) is a comparatively new Jade introduced to China from Burma in 1784. Gem quality Jadeite is extremely rare and thus extremely expensive. Often mislabeled as "Chinese Jade," (it was never found in China), Jadeite is slightly harder than Nephrite. Colors of Jadeite range from white to black with intense greens and lavender being the most sought after. Jadeite is often colour enhanced and expert advice should be sought when investing in Jadeite jewelry.

How is Jade cut?

Nephrite Jade is an extremely tough material to work. It is fibrous in structure, similar to a handful of human hair. Due to this structure it cannot be cut with chisels, so it has to be ground using very hard, sharp abrasives — diamonds. All of the saw blades we use have diamonds imbedded in a soft matrix. This allows the soft matrix to slowly wear away exposing new diamond. It is the hardness of the diamond particles being dragged over the softer Jade that does the cutting.

Where are the carvings and sculptures made?

All of our Jade products are carved on site in Jade City as well as by the most talented carvers found all over the world. During the summer months our visitors to Jade City can stop by the saw tables and work area and see the cutting and polishing of jade bookends, coasters and other products available for purchase in the store. 

Can I buy a piece of natural unpolished jade?

Jade City Jade Store offers the sale of raw or unpolished cuts of Jade in many sizes and qualities to suit a wide variety of needs. You can also purchase raw or unpolished Jade online or contact our store via phone or email.

Do you supply Dealers?

Jade City Jade Store can supply raw jade for the use of carving, landscaping, art and many other projects, please email us or contact us by phone to discuss your jade needs.


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