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The Bunce family filmed season 6 in summer 2019 and it aired on Discovery Canada in spring of 2020. 

After a long winter, as the search resumes for lucrative boulders of jade in Northern B.C.’s Cassiar Mountains, members of the Bunce family return to their remote mining camp, only to find that it has been vandalized. Broken windows, garbage everywhere, rodents having taken advantage of the situation - it’s infuriating merely to see it, so we can only imagine what the Bunces were feeling. Time is always of the essence on JADE FEVER, so the extra effort needed to clean up the camp merely puts more pressure on the Bunces. As the new season begins, they’ve received a $250,000 jade order - two large pieces, suitable for carving two large Buddhas - but the Bunces don’t know if they can provide what’s needed.“We're not doing it to provide the whole world with entertainment, and yet the whole world sure seems to get a lot of entertainment from our grief,” Claudia said with a laugh. “But Season 6 is a season that's like no other year of ours. Viewers can look forward to something absolutely different from any other year that we've ever mined. We’ve never had a year like this.”

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Jade Fever Season 6 Photos

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As seen on: Jade Fever, the Discovery Channel

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